Wise Business Services has been an integral part of Yemen shipping and logistics industry since 2015 providing optimal end to end solutions for our client’s business requirements. Wise logistic is partnership with the NGO's by implementing the project The key to success is our multi-faceted employees who are focused on client needs and offer creative and pro-active solutions to meet both simple and complex requirements. Our experience and expertise range from providing general services to smoother end to end implementing solutions and logistics

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Purchases and Supply

When Wise Business services buys goods and services, we takes a strategic approach to your project goals. Whatever your needs – whether it’s raw materials for manufacture, obtaining marketing services or getting more profitable agreements in place, it’s our responsibility to get the best goods, at the best price.

Packing, Kitting and Assembly 

By delaying production-ready, or customer ready, kits and light assemblies until they are needed, we give you increased flexibility over your inventory. Keeping stocks low and meeting volatile consumer demands. In the retail sector, we provide garment-on-hanger services and we support promotions by pre-assembling point of sale displays.


We employ a full-time team of experienced employees to provide local and regional cartage shipping and container drayage services. We service all area in Yemen and with a variety of equipment that operates from warehouse and ports, allowing us to handle everything from standard shipments to the most challenging loads.

Whey Wise

Time Management

Quality of Good and Services

After Sale Services

Time plays an important role in our operations. As soon as an order is placed for an inventory, the next steps involve picking, packing, and sending it for delivery. Here, time plays an important part to deliver the order at the right place and on time, and to do that, a lot of thinking and planning goes into the process.

Quality is concerned with how well a product performs, or the standard to which a service is provided. This will depend upon what customers expect, which means that quality is very subjective. If a product or service is of good quality, it generally means that it is of a high standard.

•Wise Business Services support provided to a customer after the product or service has already been purchased.
•We use after-sales support as a business strategy as it typically leads to higher customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, and even word-of-mouth-marketing. •Examples of after-sales service include warranty service, training, or repair for a product.

Cost to fit your budget

At Wise Business Services we ensues Cost management is the process of planning and controlling the costs associated with running a projects. It includes collecting, analyzing and reporting cost information to more effectively budget, forecast and monitor costs. Cost management typically focuses on generating savings and maximizing profits in the longer term.

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